Day 118 - They're off the market

Remember this?

So last weekend, when I flew back home a lil early, I had the honour of bringing back home shoes! Of course I'm the most important person she needed back in London.
*flips hair*

Trust me, it wasn't all a flip-hair moment when I went to see the designer to collect the shoes and afterwards lugging the bag back home on the tube. I felt like the whole of London was watching to see where I stayed! haha! And then, the fear of not seeing my luggage when I get out at KLIA, so to check it in or not to check it in was also another problem. Too risky to check it in. Next.

Nona and Mateen are finally married, Alhamdulillah! 

It has got to be one of the biggest akad nikah I've ever been too. Ok, maybe it's the number of hantaran that made it feel even more spectacular! Nope, not the usual girl-gives-guy-2more. Mateen gave Nona 21!! 6 or 7 more hantaran than Nona to him. Whoa!

Apparently some Sarawak Aiman has also been hinting that Sarawak men are the best guys that girls should look for. Just not me. He meant other girls.
"No sayang, orang Selangor should be thankful. Thankful that you're dating a Perak guy"
Grand and beautiful, just so detailed but definitely perfect MasyaAllah. To this girl who has gone through so much since I knew her 6 years ago, you deserve it all Nona! :) Getting your prince charming and all the happiness in the world!

Congratulations Nona and Mateen! Love you both big time!