Saturday, 8 October 2016

Sad Fact Is

So today, this line was used at me which I thought was far too harsh: "Takpe lah you tolong perkaya kan orang yang sudah kaya...oops sorry sorry" because I bought some duck scarves. 

Just reading that it's clear that the person was NOT sorry, having said it all in one line. I was shocked! Beyond shocked in fact. I replied stating that we should be happy for entrepreneurs that are doing well. Whether they get rich because we as customers chose to buy their product is nobody else's business. It's a willing seller willing buyer scenario we are in. 

Reply I got? "I am happy for Malay entrepreneurs when they work hard but I am not happy with salaried people chasing hard after ducks...after buying too many ducks, it will eventually be as expensive as the handbags"

So it's ok to buy expensive handbags but not too many duck scarves? Mathematically, I am still trying to understand this statement. Or how then do we encourage younger generations to be motivated and inspired to do better and earn higher in the work force if we don't set a target in life ie. what would you like to at least achieve in x number of years?

I felt it was not only an unfair statement to all salaried people (again we worked hard to get our salaries) but to also my friend who had worked so very hard to build this brand to what it is today.
  • My question is, did dUCk ever forced their customers to buy their products? No. Customers have a choice.
  • Did this person have the right to speak on behalf of everyone who had also worked so hard to earn their salary? No, at least I don't think so. Everyone has a right to manage their own financials.
  • So if salaried people like the brand and product, dUCk is to be blamed for existing? No. Again, duck never forced their customers to purchase anything.

There's a fine line between giving advice and being blatantly shallow and rude. So in the 6 years that I've worked in a Bank, I'm not allowed to purchase something that I like? So why work then, because at the end of the day, you would use that money to buy something that if bought in big quantity (no matter how minimal the cost is) would deplete your money. Not that I asked them for money either to satisfy my wants and needs. It is mind baffling to witness someone able to say such a thing when nobody had done anything wrong to you.

My point is, question about rezeki is no one's place to ask, nor should we compare our lives with other people. That would be the start of a problem that never existed. Some people may afford it some may not but we believe that Allah SWT has allocated what is there for us fairly in this temporary world we are in. Always work hard to strive for the best! And learn to be happy for someone else's successes too (being salaried is a good sign that we should be grateful for too). 

How would you know if that person that looks rich doesn't have their own struggle too? We don't know so let's not be too quick to judge. The world would be a much happier place that way. Don't you worry, I do wear non duck scarves too guys, I know my limit :))


A.Aziz said...

Kak Alia, your blogs have inspired me in so many ways.. i totally agree with everything uve said in the blog. But it is hard to please everyone in this world, some are just too envious. :( instead of complaining and comparing, why dont they work hard on their own and build their own success story too right? Anyway, I'm always looking forward to ur next blog post :) thank you! ♡

Nadia Mydin said...

Not many realise that businesses create jobs for others, supporting families.

A lesson for all indeed. Be happy for others, support when we can!

Shidah Mony said...

Well said :)

ateh said...

Alia... Buat tutorial how ur wearing ducks plsss