Sunday, 18 October 2020

All About Yusuf!!

 It's All About Yusuf! 

I guess that's also why there is lack of updates here on this blog. Plus since it's mostly about Yusuf now, we've created this page so that it's easier to share all about our journey with Yusuf! So head on there if you'd like to read more about him :)

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Did things change after Yusuf?

I guess the million dollar question is always whether "Did things change after Yusuf?"

I've always wanted it to be a "No". 

Unfortunately change is inevitable, and as much as I always want to say NO, it's actually a big fat YES. 

It's always Yusuf first, and so if it's nap time, eat time, shower time, play time, rest time, cry time, pee, time, poo time, everything-else time, my schedule will take a step back. Priorities change, and schedule becomes a lot more strict and rigid because if it doesn't then we'll be stuck with a crying overstimulated cranky baby at night.

Family time changed from dinner to lunch time.
Going out late at night on weeknights no longer happens.
Making adhoc plans also doesn't happen anymore - we will always need a few hours heads up.
Getting ready now takes us a maximum of 15 minutes whilst we leave Yusuf in the playpen.
When Yusuf sleeps, catching a nap sounds like a better plan than to exercise (lol!!).

Do I miss it? I do! But honestly, I don't even realise that these changes have taken over our lives. So we now try to change the schedule a little bit - taking him out a little longer and letting him sleep in the stroller when he's tired (although this is very hard to do somehow, he will just stay awakeee), talk to him, letting him eat at the table when we're eating etc. 

We still though stick to his usual nap time (we've sleep trained him! Will write about that next). 

At the end of the day, as much as we want to do everything for him, we take turns. When I go for Yoga or Fly cycle, Aiman will take care of Yusuf. When Aiman goes for Kendo, gym or classes, I will take care of Yusuf. It's very important to us that we both take turns doing things so that one or the other don't get too overwhlemed :))

I mean how do you say no to this face eh?