Called to the Bosses' Room

*Knocks on door*
"Vy, I've updates for the day for you"

*Looks at me*
"Eh are you OK? You're stress is it? Come in la, sit here, sit here, talk to me. You look stress and like pale"
"Eh no la, I'm ok"
"Don't lie, I've known you for so longggg, tell me what's wrong"
"Nothing's wrong. Reallly!"
"Don't lie"
"Whattttt? This is my serious-at-work look"


"Hmm, must be your jeans la. OHHH NOOO! You're not wearing Duck, that's why! Mannn you look so different dude! And please, no more baggy jeans. You look stress!"

In a Fashion company, your Boss watches what you wear lollll!! In my defense, when I have no meetings outside, I wear slippers, jeans and sweaters most of the time :P


The Famous Glass Wall

When you have discus something important like NOW, NOW.

Like really now.


Induction Day

That was the highlight of my week 2. Work was picking up, met so many new people, went for meetings, organizing events, went for health screening too and in between all these I had my FV Induction Day
This was the day we learned about FV's history which isn't something that most people don't know, pitching for our design to the buying team, doing a social media posting and learning the processes at the warehouse. I'm sure many of you knew the story about Vivy wanting to go from one brand's shop to another, KL city was just super jam packed, Fadza was obviously driving, they both got annoyed and that was the light bulb moment!
"Why can't we have all the brands in one place and skip all the traffic hassle?"
I remember clearly the day when Vivy told me about going ahead with this idea in November 2010 - She, Asma' and I were in Alexis BSC having lunch and I remembered asking her "Do you wanna hire me?". Haha! :P Of course all those were …

Industry Change - First Week

Am I allowed to wear jeans? Can I wear sandals? What if I actually don't know anything about clothes? What if I don't know how to complete my task? How much tech knowledge do I need to have to be at par with the rest of my new colleagues? How well do I know the Corporates?
I only really know how to do Banking, what if it's very very different?
A day before I began my journey at my new work place, I felt so anxious. It felt like first day of school all over again and honestly, I've always hated that feeling. I wanted to feel happy about going back to work! I wanted that old me who's always excited when Monday comes and sad when Friday arrived. Where did that Alia go?
Fast forward to a week down. Learning so so much more about the company and the brand! I've had nothing but an amazinggggg first week at Fashion Valet with all the buzzing group chats, multiple meetings and corporate events! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly (who am I kidding, they were alread…

Happy 2018!

We're 3 years old and I think we've both agreed that getting married on the 1st of January is a splendid idea because we'll begin every year with a public holiday and it's about us and we get to spend the entire day together - Aiman and I.

This year will be an entirely new adventure for the both of us with our new jobs! Most importantly, there are things I would love to do differently. Let's just see how long I'll be able to hold on to this new years resolutions!

To lead a healthier lifestyle - to drink less coke (not ready to say bye to Vitagens yet), to snack less on junks and basically find time to exercise. Let's be real, I don't exercise, so maybe once a week to start :P To also wake up earlier everyday and be more discipline about getting to bed by a certain time at nightTo be more patient - everyone close to me would know I'm one of the most impatient person, when I want something I just want something. If I put a deadline, I'd get annoyed…

CIMB Now and Forever - Hardest Resignation

Tendered my resignation.
I've just tagged myself out of office for the final time. So, here you go! Below was what I actually pen down on the day I actually gave in my letter and this song still rings in my head everyday. #GottaBeStrong:
Together we Shall Achieve, CIMB Now and Forever (click here!)
Tendered my resignation.
Today. Probably one of the hardest things I've had to do throughout my career journey, spent the day going in out of different Bosses' rooms to discuss, explain and get their blessings. My first job and a firm I thought I was going to be a lifer in. Most people thought so too. My batchmates had a bet that I'd be the last one standing. I've grown so so much in this Bank. I'm (damn) well taken care of here, I'm super comfortable, I am in love with the brand, I love my colleagues, I love feeling super duper excited and (damn) happy waking up in the morning just to go to work, I loved that feeling of sadness everytime Friday came (I w…


First time I saw this brand on social media I honestly thought it was an international brand just set up. Loved everything from their mood boards, colours to their products!
And then I owned my first Ampersand bag! TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH IT!
Firstly, it's personalised - has my name on it.  Secondly, knowing how paranoid I am with a lot of things (if not everything), this bag gave me a safe feeling. Not only does it have ample space (I can fit my phone, gigantic power bank, multiple wires, wallet, cardholder, wet wipes, Nivea lip balm, duck's lipstick), it has a zip AND a flap that locks with a buckle. Felt so secured, especially when I brought it to Paris! Not to mention how light it is too!
Right now, I'm super in love with their new product - the CLUTCH! Again, I could fit so many things inside, and took it out for an outing!

And of course I'd share any discount with you guys for you to get hold of these Ampersand beauties! From now till 31st December, you can purch…