Sunday, 9 March 2014

Fight and come home MH370!

Overwhelmed with sadness. I found myself crying buckets throughout yesterday, throughout tonight, I cannot even begin to imagine how the immediate family members are feeling right now. 

It's a night when I feel guilty to even fall asleep when I know out there, the search and rescue teams are working so very hard to find MH370, families are waiting. What's worse when you lose someone is not knowing whether they are dead or alive. Bring them back dead or alive, families need closure. 

Accidents happen - so blame no one because it is sometimes fated. It could have been any other plane/aircraft in the air last night, so let's not make things worse for those involved. 

Be respectful and act responsibly and continue to keep all passengers and crew on board MH370 in your prayers till we find them. Here's sending loads and loads of prayers and positivity to all search and rescue team out there! InsyaAllah. 

Specially to Aishah, we're all praying for all onboard and for the entire world to help you find your dad - physically and through continuous prayers. Fight and come home Captain Zaharie!


Friday, 28 February 2014


We're up on Instagram now! 

Taking on the role as Chairman since a week ago has been nothing short of exhaustion - meetings, meetings and more meetings but I'm definitely blessed with an amazing line of Deputy, a great team. For the future of Corporate Malaysia, feel free to leave me a note if you have any ideas at all on how we can improve and contribute back to our beloved country.

Watch this space as we line up a panel of speakers for the upcoming monthly CEO Series...and something big in a few months!!

On that note, well done team on a new milestone - the ever so fun and happening Instagram! :)

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Everyone in the office knows I snack a lot. I may not eat big meals, but I'm always binging.

This one... is snacking on a whole new level. The chicken satay so damn good!!
I was awarded the title "Gila" by the end of it! :P

Debit Card won't buy you vitagen

Since I came back to KL, I have not gotten away from the habit of holding a debit card. So sometimes, I could go out cashless and I’d have trouble making purchases. It’s quite annoying. I just love the idea of holding just a piece of card when going out instead of a bulky purse to lug around.

In Malaysia, the awareness about debit cards is not yet as great as the UK. Of course I know I’m not comparing apple to apple here, but because of that, not many people have a debit card or even know how it works. I on the other hand am just so forgetful and lazy. I hate holding much cash for a start, and I’m always very lazy to walk all the way to the ATM eventhough withdrawing cash takes only 2 minutes.
I have my Vitagen days every(other day) week when I would walk over to 7 Eleven to grab a few bottles of Vitagens whilst at the same time accompany my colleague for his Starbucks fix. The other day was one of those forgetful days when I casually skipped out just with my Debit card and was stuck at the counter when I had to make payments. For the love of Vitagen, I had to turn to my colleague for money! Lol!

No. No one cancels a transaction for Vitagens please. Even if it means that the queue was just building up longer behind you because you were waiting for someone to pay off your Vitagen for you :P 

These days, if I don't get my Vitagens in the morning, it just magically appears on my table because my colleagues get them on the way!! Sometimes I think I've just been so lucky that I always get great colleagues whichever offices I go to. Sigh, I know, I have awesome colleagues :))

Monday, 3 February 2014

Their little girl

No matter how old you are, you will always be that little girl to your family. 

I'm at that age where I feel sleepy when the night is supposedly still young, and I cannot last past midnight anymore! Such a happening girl I am, I know ;)

This year felt a little bit different as I try to readapt to the lifestyle back at home, but I had one of the best birthdays I could ever ask for - being back at home and celebrating it with people closest to me.

That all felt complete, and it just makes me feel very grateful for a lot of things that I have and I don't, Alhamdulillah!

An empty carpark calls for ootd shots please :P

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

What just happened to my blog?!

So much has happened from my last post and a lot of time has been soaked up by work and me trying to settle down back at home. I’ve gone to Melbourne, started work with a new department and gone to Penang and come back now!

I think I’ll just pick up from where I left. For a start, I just spent my birthday day at work with some photo shoots done for my firm’s annual report. Or at least it was some test shots that were taken. And it had to be on the day that I wore a t shirt to work and had no make-up on.  Ooh lala!

Gotta be real now, I mean I really do not apply make-up for work every single day. There are days when sleep is more important than getting ready :)

On that note, will be updating more soon! Happy Chinese New Year everybadi!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year!!

Nothing like welcoming 2014 with my ultimate favourites :)

I definitely had one of the best years - going thtough 2013 with Masters, work, LDR. 

Here's to an even better year, InsyaAllah! 

Monday, 30 December 2013


Yesterday I started my travelling adventure. 

4 countries, 4 flights to catch and all in one week! Excited :)

But for a start, I went through immigration at Heathrow and I thought the question asked was the most adorable ever: "Sweetie, why do you have 3 calculators and 2 laptops and an iPad all at one time?! Isn't one of each enough?"

"In case someone asks me a plane trivia? Like, how many people do you think could fit into an airplane?"...I did not even realize I put in all my scientific calculators into my handbag!! Oh well, here's to a great end to 2013 and an amazing beginning to 2014! Preparing myself for jetlags alright!

Friday, 27 December 2013


Had this random chat with my colleagues about spending most parts of my everyday with them that has made me pick up habits I never used to have (excessively or any at all). It was a lot of little little habits that aren't really revenue-generating in case you're wondering, but has shaped me in some ways.

Reading excessively. Reading the worldwide news to sleep and switching on BBC headlines first thing when I wake up. Sometimes, I don't think I'm even listening to it completely, but snippets do get documented in my head, enough to make small discussions about it at work.

Saying out (not super) loud the Bloomberg notification that pops up on the iPhone. They do it a lot in the office.

Chewing gum. May not do it very often since gum makes me hungry, but because my colleagues have a habit of popping them into their mouths and offering me some, it has become a routine.

Skillfully tossing something across the trading floor. Sharpened my skills they have! From phones to stress balls to reports. It's like a flying zone on some days. Cause you know, every minute counts, and standing up and walking to the other side of the floor would have wasted you some very precious seconds!

Punching stock picks on Bloomberg at any time of the day. Reasons behind a price move makes me curious. I'm still learning to spot on reasons immediately.

Making a comment without having the fear of not making sense. Making a buy or sell call within the office. This, they've taught me so very well, especially when asking for my opinion and have never told me I don't make sense but instead try to guide my thought process towards our intended conclusion. 

Writing and scribbling every information I hear on the trading floor, even when it is not my client nor my call to attend to. I just get curious. Sometimes at the end of the day, I look down at my book and the numbers I've written down don't make sense. However, magically, when someone asks for the numbers, I could clarify it (without being able to justify it maybe).

Eating vegetables. I'm not a big fan of vegetables, but when sat down in front of my boss and colleagues, I have this pressure to eat my greens. I even get whatsapp reminders from my colleagues to eat more vegetables when I'm not around them. 

Have a calculator in my bag. I don't always have to use it, but I feel the need to be able to calculate on the go. My superstar colleagues have this crazy ability to just do everything in their heads, I feel pressured sometimes. 

Memorizing stock tickers and commission rates. I believe this was because I used to panic at the thought that I don't know it when my Boss asks for it.

They've definitely changed me to be a better worker and a better person as a whole. Went through this and I cannot stop falling in love with my colleagues again and again. Everyday :) 

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Although it did not snow on Christmas day today, it did pour for a bit earlier in the morning. It was all in all a very happy and a merry christmas for me, my housemates and our London friends as we stayed in to host Christmas roast at our house. We made roast beef and chicken since we couldn't get a halal turkey. 
Thanks to all the recipes from Jamie Oliver and Nigella, a Disney movie and Pitch Perfect to end the night. It's Bank holiday for us tomorrow, so no, we're not planning to fight the crowd on boxing day but we do have plans to go check out the malls before heading to Disney on Ice :)

Christmas this year somehow felt, magical :) 

Monday, 23 December 2013

MAGICAL Christmas!!

Warning: Excuse the happy child in me. This post is a long and very crazy happy one.

There's always a first for everything. But today was a few very very very happy firsts.

I woke up late for work! Ok maybe except this one, this wasn't happy, it made me panic. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my phone and whatsapped my boss first thing. She was more calm than I was! Gosh I've never done that since I started work again this year, and when I told the rest on our family whatsapp... I got scolded by mama for not being discipline. Asian tiger mum she is, hehe. She calmed down after I told her my Boss was cool about it and was more calm than her :D When it comes to punctuality, I believe I have the best parents who has taught me well!

And then weather was just horrible in London today! But you know what? The best thing to be doing during bad weather is to shut the umbrella and just enjoy it! So, my colleague and I walked in the rain, splashed a little in the puddle and avoided the splashes from the buses on the road. I love the rain in my face!! It's sort of refreshing in a cool way. And having a company that doesn't mind playing in the rain with you, bliss! :))

On the way back to the office, guess where we made our pit stop? DISNEY at Harrods!!
Ahhh, I've never ever ever ever imagined that one day, at this age, I would be able to make my colleagues understand my love for Disney. And no, they don't think I'm a child for being so, it's just something I love. Colleagues on a trading floor and Disney? They're made tough (if you get what I mean), but they found it in them to make me feel comfortable for loving Disney like crazy. I cannot ask for a better group of colleagues. I was moving from one shelf to another, picking up Disney plush toys and hugging those Disney characters. For a moment I forgot I was out with my colleagues! We even managed to get some Disney mugs for those covering on the trading floor for lunch. They even play 'A Whole New World' on speakers in the office sometimes :))

And when I got back to the office, guess who followed me back?! MINNIE came to surprise me on the trading floor! Oh god, first, you never thought in a million years that a group of colleagues on the trading floor would understand Disney...and then getting me a Minnie dressed in the softest Christmas wear?! Oh I love :')))
You'd think that's enough of Disney in a day, but hey. I came home to another early Christmas surprise!! DISNEY ON ICE TICKETS from my awesome housemates!!! We've got a show to catch on boxing day!! Disney on ice beats shopping in the crowd anytime, plus it's Tangled this year, my favourite!!!!!! and Dare to Dream? I'm sold! :))
Oh so much love today! I'm feeling the Christmas magic already :)))) You have no idea how happy and magical it feels like when you can just be yourself amongst the most serious traders and housemates who don't quite fancy Disney. Bless them!

I'm a happpppppppppppppyyyy girlllllll, thanks Santa for all the early christmas magic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok calm down, or I might just be late for work again tomorrow.


Friday, 20 December 2013


I so want to watch one of Disney's latest movies, Frozen

I haven't, but I surely have memorized the songs! Don't judge. My head trader boss rolled his eyes and went..."you need to watch the real stuff like Gravity and all, no offence". Haha!

We didn't watch it but we did try to freeze ourselves at Hyde Park though. After we got changed in the office, our colleague managed to catch us just before we started running. Conveniently she said "This is picture worthy. I'm sending this to the Boss to let him know the situation on the trading floor is under control!".... Lol! Can't find your sales guys salestraders, look for them at Winter Wonderland why dontcha? We're cool like that y'know, risk takers!
Off we ran and....I am so not fit. Poor boys, they were such a gentleman, they ran slower and kept on looking if I was ok. On intervals they would race me just so that I would do at least some running! Weather was so beautiful and sunny, lucky us! Halfway through, it was not cold anymore.
Clearly I was walking and taking pictures more like it. The boys were racing! -____-
I did run a little, jog a little. Walked a lot :P

Freezing ourselves jogging during lunch time at Hyde Park. Checked.
We survived in case you were wondering. 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sky Rocketed

It's amazing how you can find it in you to respect someone so much more than you already have.

Today, as I was walking back from lunch with him, I felt exactly that with my Boss, our MD. My level of respect for him just sky rocketed. His words are always so powerful and his actions are forever impactful. I find myself always listening to him so very intensely whilst observing him in action at work/during meetings and it's as if my brain works so hard to document every single word that he utters. Bless him for sharing his knowledge and experiences with someone so junior like me. I could do with a lot of great advice from one who has gone through more than anyone thought he has. One who could look at you and say thank you for the work you've delivered.

A very successful man, a great boss who at the same time is the most humble leader I've met.

More importantly, he's always reminding me to be that person who, if you get fired (or 'leave') tomorrow, you do not have any regrets from the days before because you have done your very best for every passing day (at work and everything you need or want to do). Be this kind of Boss to your team. One who is a friend to you yet you're scared to screw up your work when reporting to him.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Another new journey

Not funny. I nearly fell off the stairs at the biggest surprise today! You would not think you'd see your Boss and colleagues right before your eyes, on a weekend, along with all your friends at your favourite scones place in London!

All my favourites in one place in bright colours with this floating in the air!!!!!
 It's December and I think just maybe, it's time for this

It was kept low only because it was not easy for me and some others, in a lot of ways. I'm only partially ready right now, and so are they. I was afraid this time would come sooner than I thought and I wasn't prepared to face this kind of feeling within.

I've only had the best of everything whilst I'm here in London, and I believe it's only going to be even better after this. Leaving something good for another great (if not better) offer makes me feel grateful although I never thought it would be this difficult. My Boss sat me down and said "Malaysia needs you".

You will be a decision that is forever and always bittersweet. It's not easy to pack up and leave the amazing things I have - amazing housemates, amazing colleagues, amazing friends.

Malaysia has called me back; I'm going home for good soon InsyaAllah.

Here's to another big adventure ahead. May He continue to ease and protect me along the way, Amin. I'm filled with mixed feelings at the moment, but the good memories will keep me strong :)
Thank you for the surprise farewell do everyone!!!
A special thanks to Aisyah, Iman, Stella and my Boss who happens to also be our firm's Managing Director, Patrick. You guys are the best and I love you guys to the moon and back you have no idea!!!

14 December '13

Friday, 13 December 2013

Pearl Liang

You want Dim Sum, go to Pearl Liang. Just a 7 minutes walk from Paddington station.
You know what else they used to have? Those chinese pancakes you find easily back in Malaysia! They served it during Chinese New Year!

Oh so deli-yummy-licious!!