On and Off

Ok I gotta clarify, I know everyone thinks I'm ALWAYS happy but really, which human is always happy all the time. Hehe!

Believe me, Aiman is probably the unlucky privileged one who gets to see every side of me. When I'm the happiest, extremely happy sampai Aiman cannot tahan also, when I'm the saddest, when I'm just really furious with work, he has seen it all. By nature, I'm impatient. Yup that's right, super duper. My poor staff, must think I'm a crazy tiger boss!

Having a day job means I rely a lot on my phone to get my message across to the Double A team and I'm always expecting them to reply to me within seconds. One minute passes by and I'll feel fidgety like "Mannnn how long is it to count that slice of cakes?". If I say we meet at 8.30, I expect for everyone to be there by 8.20.

In all honesty, having your own business you tend to want your business to run independently and efficiently. So our usual chat would go something like this

"Guys, why is the cake placed there instead of here?"

1 second

2 seconds


4 seconds


5 seconds

6 seconds


Man, I fear for my own future kids. Haha! Well to be fair, they're kinda used to me now, so they still take their time sometimes. Grrrrrrr.