A week early

So apparently Aiman has been planning for my birthday since end of December - he got help from my friends and colleagues so early in the year on gathering the people to attend and got on it with the invitations. 

I know it's never easy for him to do surprises for me, since we're always together and we tend to use his phone to take pictures I'm always taking his phone unlocking it and sending myself pictures. So imagine if someone he had invited replied at that exact time that I unlocked his phone, hahahaha! I've to say though, his effort was amazing! He went to the extend of renaming the people he invited to his imaginary colleagues' names - coz I don't open his messages from work. 

Funnily though, a week before the surprise party a friend of mine had messaged and said "Hey Als, sorry I couldn't make it to your party last night! Hope it was wild!!". Erm... what party Intan? Before she said she had actually wrote in the wrong group chat! hahahaha! And then on the day of the party itself (which was not my real birthday day), another friend what sapped at midnight to wish me happy birthday and even did a Birthday post for me on her social media and insisted that it was my birthday day! And then suddenly out of the blue, earlier in the week Mama suddenly suggested a cafe place which her friend said was nice.

...I just knew it, something was coming! :D So what did I do? Made a conscious effort NOT to play with Aiman's phone too much in January in case the surprise was spoilt by me, myself and I. All in all, turning another year older this year was perfect :))
Of course at the end of the party I stressed him out a little and asked "Eh you tai ajar xxx ke? How about xxx? and xxx?"

..."Your friends are sooooo difficult to gather did you know?! You guys are like socilalite forever busy!"

My advice is if you have crazy friends like mine, get a friend of mine to plan and you just direct :P