Choose to be happy

Today, we live in a society where we tend to read too much into something.

A person of a certain race/religion commits a crime and people would think he/she represents everyone who are of the same race/religion. 

You carry a new handbag and people would assume you come from a really rich family. When in fact it's probably a cheap new bag that you had paid using your hard-earned salary. 

You write a congratulatory message to someone. People think you're sucking up. 

You're friends with founder of a company and people would think that you never pay for merchandises you get from that company. Or rather you must've gotten a huge discount just coz it's your friend's.

You get the drift. Why are we not trained to see the good in everything? So much so that we tend to have to take extra precaution in everything that we do, no matter how pure the intention. It doesn't mean that someone who doesn't complain have the most perfect life, and doesn't mean someone who is vocal and points out real mistakes hate their lives.

I personally am quite content with what life has to offer, the ups and downs. Secretly I think the stray cats I feed are part of the beings that made doa for me, hahaha! You may now think that's  hillarious, but realllllllllly. Those cats can secretly talk to God too I'm sure, in their own cat ways of course (I bet you're imagining the cats putting out their hands to make prayers) :D

I've always loved the verse from Surah Ibrahim:
"If you are grateful, I will surely increase you (in favour); but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe"

So choose to be happy coz none in this world is permanent, and never think bad about someone or something if you don't know the real story behind it :))


ain said…
Always love your positivity, keep it up!