Story of the two hardworking friends

I have these two close friends who are to me, the most hardworking people I know who love their jobs and they are amazing at what they do! It's both inspiring and motivating just watching most of the time.

But the amazing thing about them both is that one is a Mrs Problem-Solver -There's-No-Problem-In-This-World and the other is Mrs Planner-Things-Will-Go-As-Plan-Because-I-Have-Laid-Down-All-Options A, B, C.

Mrs Problem-Solver:
A driven individual who is just so so soooo amazing, she probably sleeps one-tenth of the amount of hours I sleep, never ever complains, always cheerful whenever we see her, never worry about petty things in life and she is always very rationale, grateful and an amazing person who still made time for all her families and friends. She can go on for hours without eating to make sure her goal is achieved whilst at the same time not neglect any family time.

Mrs Planner:
A driven individual who is just so so soooo amazing, she plans so far ahead that by the time the day comes for anything that she planned for, there is hardly any stress left for your adrenaline rush to feed on. A problem comes and she probably has Options B, C, D, E...Z for you and logistics for each alternative planned.

The one thing that amazes me is that there is no problem in this world that could bring them down. NOTHING! Give them a challenge and they'll solve it without any complains. Driven to accept challenges and always at the top of their games.

I'm probably in between this because I like to plan things ahead of time but my alternative options may not be sufficient enough that I would need to be a problem solver on the spot. I love my job so much, but I still complain when things don't go my way sometimes, or find it frustrating that as you've planned for certain events to take place, other factors don't allow you to execute it. But when I remember these two, I'm always reminded that no problem should be the end of the world!

For that I'm always grateful I'm always surrounded by amazing people, driven and motivated all inspiring at the same time. I wished though that sometimes I could be much much much kinder (I'm so unforgiving when I discover that people are untruthful about what they do) and move on no matter how huge the obstacle may be. Sometimes I tend to waste time trying to piece the problems together and find out what happened hahaha!

So what are you? A Problem-Solver kinda person or a Planner?