What Has Changed?

As I flip through the newspaper every day these days, I see a lot of bullying cases happening amongst youth, amongst children and amongst school kids. Why is this the case?

I'm curious. When do they have the time to carry out such violence? Isn't school time so packed with classes? Where do they find time to create gangs and groups that could hate each other?

I'm so baflled, and I fear for the future generation. We seem to live amongst extremist these days, you hate a person you kill. And these are students/youths, they're still young and with a lot of opportunities and bright future ahead of them. Why do they pull the plug on their lives like that?

I used to remember school to be so fun. You go to school, you get to see friends, you plan what to eat during reccess with your classmates and schoolmates from different classes and you look forward to extra curricular activities just so that you get to spend even more time with your friends.

I can't seem to understand how children can be so brave and heartless all at the same time, killing one another. Really? Do they not feel anything when they are causing hurt to others? Such inhumane acts at times.

What has changed from our school days many many years back? It's a huge concern, and assurance needs to be given to parents for sending and leaving their kids in school. Family time needs to be practised at home so that parents know if whether or not their kids are ok. Parents need to know who their kids are out with - it may sound suffocating, but discipline is key. They need to grow up knowing what is right and what is wrong.

Bullying should not be tolerated! Feeling so very sad right now that we are living amongst people who can willingly carry out inhumane acts without guilt. In fact I'm scared :((((

Let's strive to be nicer and kinder.