CIMB ASEAN Scholarship Boot Camp

CIMB ASEAN Scholarship is the first ever that was introduced by CIMB Group earlier this year and whoa!! Thousands...yup, THOUSANDS of applications came in from all applicants across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia. If I could, I would've applied for myself too (now that I've completed my bond you know, haha. Love this company don't I?)!

I was very privileged to have been picked to become one of the Assessors during their 5th round of assessment which was the Bootcamp. We had to interact and understand the applicants' characteristics, identify their strong traits and I am amazed that they are only 18 or 19 or some 20 but they're all so academically intelligent, driven and know what they wanted in life. Some are already in their first years in Cambridge, LSE, Imperial you name it!

What was I doing at 18? Still lost trying to familiarize myself with London city and was forever homesick. Haha, gooood times!

What was great about this ASEAN scholarship was that successful applicants will become both Scholars AND Employees of CIMB, how awesome is that? You go to Uni knowing that you have a company to come back to upon graduating. Reminded me a bit of my Masters days being both a Scholar and Employee of CIMB. Good times too, I would want to go through it again and again if given the chance. Especially loved seeing so many non Malaysian applicants who had made it to the 5th round too, I know for sure they'd make a good additional to our ASEAN offices in the future. 

Made so many new friends, and obviously they made me feel 10 years younger! Totally needed that young driven positive energy vibes :))) Made assessment for me a little tougher since I wanted all of them to proceed to the next round! Hehe!