Hibiscus Leaves

Yup, those hibiscus leaves are believed to be able to soothe down fever and help one get better - or so I was told. So Mika has been getting on and off fever the past week, and finally two nights ago he vomited out all his medication, refused to even hold down anything from water to food to his cute animal biscuits. 

It's true what they say - Grandparents would spoil and do anything for their grandchildren, thank god for them! Definitely God sent/heaven sent. 

So mama and papa actually went out on a little adventurous walk by the roadside to look for Hibiscus. Couldn't find so they decided to walk further up nearer those residential area in Subang. Nope, none too. So Papa suggested "Maybe we should go to the area near the school, because it's a national flower". Off they drove off to a school nearby. NOPE. None either. 

By now, it was already dark, and they probably would look like crazy trespassers trying to get hold of our national flower. Haha I love you Mama and Papa!! *makes me smile so wide everytime I think about it* In the end, Mama found it the next day, by some roadside, which she funnily parked her car, went down and plucked those leaves with her shades on. I'm sure you guys would think that is cute instead of crazy right? That's crazy LOVE right there for her cucu, may Allah SWT continue to bless my parents for being so awesome!

My next question is, is it that hard to find Hibiscus flowers in Malaysia? If so, how can the next generation learn more about this beautiful Hibiscus that previous generations speak about? Sooooo.....where is best for me to go find hibiscus huys?  


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