Stressful Business Partners

Oh my goodness, our house is so messy! We've got a pile of laundry undone. 2 pitches to do. A thousand and one emails to reply (sorrry we'll reply soooon!) and we NEED sleep. Ok, maybe not Aiman, he falls asleep even whilst doing work.

So the other day, we had an urgent deadline the next day, but so much more to do the night before. I looked at the couch and Aiman had peacefully gone to sleep, and obviously that stressed me out because he said that he would do the task first thing when we get home, finish up and then only we head to bed (no matter how late that is). Woke him up (he got angry in the process, but I'm used to it), dragged him to the work table, started talking to him and by the time I looked at the laptop, he was already sleeping sitting down facing the laptop.


Today, we laugh about it because it did look very silly and stressful at the same time and I don't want to go through it again! I'm the kind of person who does not like to do things last minutes eg we get invited to do a pitch, I would have started working on it 3 weeks before. Aiman? 3 days before.

We breathe down each others' necks all the time. Yet, we wouldn't trade each other for anybody else :)