London Familiarity

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Recently we decided to take advantage of the Matta Fair and chose to fly to London. 

Why London many had asked?

There is something so familiar about it that is so special to me personally. Having studied in this busy city for both my Undergraduate and Masters degrees and later on continued to work here made it felt like home away from home. The familiarity of the alleys, the ability to walk without fear across its busy streets, the familiar friendly faces, the familiar rush on the 
tube, everything. 

In fact there was one night when Aiman and I had decided to walk all the way from Holborn to Marble Arch and then hopped onto a bus back to Knightsbridge where we stayed when suddenly I felt stress. I told Aiman, the city feels too familiar that I felt stress for walking out late at night because my body felt like I had assignments to complete and work the next day. Completely forgot that I was on holiday right there (Read: Mandatory leave)! I used to be in bed by 10pm last time (if I wasn't out with clients).

Oh London, you feel all too familiar I could stay here forever and ever!