Awesome Colleagues

I walked into our London office and the lively vibe just made me feel right at home! I mean I've left this place for almost 3 years now and the receptionist still remembers me as this girl who would come into office very happy in the morning. I guess it showed that I loved my job then whilst I was here. 

Went into the trading floor and some of them were still there from my time previously, but there were also new friendly faces and a new head leading the Trading desk out here in London. Man, I'VE MISSED THEM! What did I do to deserve all these, God is too great!

Mickey and Sophia introduced me to their new colleagues before we all headed out for lunch. Yup, they all cleared their schedule so that we could catch up! 

These are half of the team I used to work with in our London office who always had my back at any one time (always made sure I had halal food too!) and they're one of the reasons I looked forward to going to work at 6am every morning. You spend a good amount of time with them and you'll just know that they'll make good company for the rest of your life! Of course I'm remembered as this only Malaysian girl working in a Malaysian bank, always in her own world singing to Disney songs on the trading floor during trading hours whilst everyone is busy screaming.

I used to remember the times when we took clients out for drinks and they'd make sure I have orange juice and fish and chips and funnily enough one time, when the team went through the bill the next day it was a whole long list of alcohol before it came to 5 Orange Juices and since then they'd make a joke that I looked kinda hungover from too much orange juice. 



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