Around this time

...3 years ago, I was busy stuffing as much as I can into a suitcase, sitting on it and trying to zip it up alltogether because I was physically exhausted! and I wanted so badly to go and have a big breakfast before I had to get on that flight back home to Malaysia, for good. It wasn't an annual leave or a compulsory leave. I was in transitioning from London office to KL's.

Time has definitely flown by so quickly, because that means I've been in my current department for 3 whole years now! Longest department I've served so far in my time in CIMB (minus the short secondment to CEO's office I had in between). Longest I've served before that was about nearly 2 before CIMB sent me to do Masters at Imperial College London.

I must say though I still love my job and find it as exciting as I did when I first joined. Department I am in is always evolving, why? Because we face clients and we get the opportunities to create conversations and do presentations (heck trying to sell a deal!) to C Suites and I still get the jitters sometimes. You know those butterflies in the stomach when you walk into a CEO's office and go "I sooo wnat this deal!!" -  it's crazy adrenaline rush dude! and it's fun! In the midst of all that you get to learn new products rather so often.

Or those deals that take more than a year to complete because it gets complicated as days and months passes by? Sometimes pressing for time which means you need to do a few sit visits in a short period of time and you're required to take odd-hours flights? Tiring, but fulfiling indeed coz depending on which industry you were covering at that time, you'll get to learn something new like when I first stepped foot in a fertilizer plant and nearly puked from the very very VERY strong ammonium nitrate smell.

No doubts there are ups and downs and that's only normal in any job. Nobody's job is easier than anybody else's, but I sure do have an awesome team and colleagues who never let a day passes by without cracking jokes! hashtagawesomecolleagues!

Sometimes it's not about winning the deal, but getting to know people out there - and my job allows me to do that and I'm grateful for that! :)))