Be Kind Always

Some people feel the rain, others just get wet. Struggles. Appreciate your struggles, it will only make you stronger if you can get through it. Everyone has their own sets of struggles and often or most times, no one else will understand your struggles unless they are in your shoes. 

Case in point: Children who are disobedient to their parents would be the same people who would tell their own kids to be kind to them in the future. Why? Because they now understand that mums weren't lying when they said labour pain is enough for them to earn her kids respect for the rest of her life!

Same goes for different types of struggles. People may look happy, strong and jovial on the outside but we will never know what battles they're fighting within. Being kind would help a great lot for you know not if the people you help would be the people you run to for help in the future. Elderly is by far my greatest weakness today. I cannot see  them begging by the roadside or even see them eating alone - I feel so so sad I can cry! Like where are their children? I cannot even see elderly guards on duty. They should be enjoying some time off doing things at their own sweet time instead of guarding a jewelry shop shouldering a huge responsibility throughout the night whist eating biskut kering to stay awake :' ((((((  I always make an effort to smile and say hi to the guards at my condo and get them pizzas when we order delivery for ourselves. Sometimes I forget that they stay up night and day making rounds and sitting on that chair and escort guests to our unit just to make sure our safety is taken care off. And yet we sometimes forget to smile and say thank you even when we walk pass and sees him sitting there happily drinking his teh ais in that half tied plastic. Bless them for working so hard!!

I cannot even see people stranded by the roadside these days, I'd tell Aiman to stop so that we can help them repair their cars or at least give them a ride to the nearest safe point. Setback is we no longer can freely stop in the middle of the road at night to help, we don't know if it's safe and that stresses me out. Once I saw a dog so lost and hungry, I gave him Aiman's dinner coz I can't stop tearing thinking this dog is really stress and he needs food to have energy to go wherever he needs to go. We made a huge turn to find the dog again after that and fed him. Even dogs have struggles guys :(

One of my resolutions this year is to be kinder and to help anyone I can as much as possible. Kinder to anyone and anything as long as it doesn't cause me problems :))


Khadijah N. said…
Yes! Me too. I want to be as kind as I can in sha Allah!

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