Called to the Bosses' Room

*Knocks on door*
"Vy, I've updates for the day for you"

*Looks at me*
"Eh are you OK? You're stress is it? Come in la, sit here, sit here, talk to me. You look stress and like pale"
"Eh no la, I'm ok"
"Don't lie, I've known you for so longggg, tell me what's wrong"
"Nothing's wrong. Reallly!"
"Don't lie"
"Whattttt? This is my serious-at-work look"


"Hmm, must be your jeans la. OHHH NOOO! You're not wearing Duck, that's why! Mannn you look so different dude! And please, no more baggy jeans. You look stress!"

In a Fashion company, your Boss watches what you wear lollll!! In my defense, when I have no meetings outside, I wear slippers, jeans and sweaters most of the time :P