Great Leadership with Long Lasting Impact

I am privileged to have met and always be surrounded by amazing people and during this London trip I was reminded why it was very hard for me to leave this country to go back to Malaysia for good. The amazing colleagues and mentors I had here in London.

One of them was this previous boss of mine. Patrick was the first I had met, right after Masters for an interview for a job at CIMB London - he was heading the London Securities office at that time. Scored a job, he became that very trusting and dedicated Boss who allowed me to start relationships with Malaysian Sovereign Wealth Funds in London and he'll back me up at initial meetings. Today, he is more than just that and is an amazing friend to both Aiman and I who never fails to make time for us to check up and offer wise advice to us. I have major respect and love for this amazing ex Boss of mine! I think being able to have that huge respect for your Boss speaks volume of what kind of Boss he is. 

We made time to meet (he even postponed his meeting to the next day and spent the entire afternoon with Aiman and I) and spoke about global mega trends and real hard changes that are coming our way sooner than we think and I agree that not many will be ready for it, but we will adapt InsyaAllah.

Maybank London, you are no doubt in good hands with Patrick leading the team. In fact Malaysia is lucky to have had him in both Banks 😊 Nope, he is not Malaysian Chinese. He's Korean. And he insisted I take a picture with the famous tiger.