Goodbye 2016

Not sure about you guys, but I felt like 2016 was one of the longest years I've had...and yet I've not been able to blog as much as I would like to! Hardest year too I must say.

So many significant things had taken place in 2016 and I'm thankful for all the good, the not so good and the in betweens because I believe that things happen for a reason. Sometimes I think that there are no problems at all to begin with because Allah has decided for you to go through that event on that particular day for a purpose, at that time, and you are supposed to find a solution out of it after which you rely fully on Him! It's amazing that when you accept it all, things feel a lot easier to go through :)

There were big decisions that were made in 2016 that would shape what our 2017 and beyond would be like and I must say that some were really tough decisions to make - but very glad we made it.

This 2017, I vow to be a better person, be kind to others no matter what and to be true to my intentions at all times. It doesn't quite matter what others may think/assume you're doing (it for) but at the end of the day, only God sees the unseen and if your intention was good, then good it is in the eyes of God InsyaAllah.

Happy 2017 everyone! :)